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Election Campaigns Are Complex and Difficult To Organize

Let us help you get organized so you can focus on the people!

Everything your team needs to win!


Firewall Appliance
Customer Owns the Server
Encrypted Chat
Private Email
Secure File Management
Private Webpage


Databse Application
Custom PDC Report
Track Contacts
Track Donations
Finance Reports


Linux Server
Min 3TB Storage
Fiber Capacity
Virus/Malware Protected
Backup Service Available
Secure Webpage Design

Let us help you get organized so you can focus on the people!


It's simple! We offer a small Linux server located in a secure place. This server is loaded with applications such as private email, encrypted chat, Apache Webserver, Maria Database, file management, and many more services. You can also order custom built webpages designed to be fast, secure, and appropriate for any political campaign. We can custom design webpages to handle your contacts, finances, donations, and other content. Once configured with your information, you can easily manage your own campaign server in a safe place that cannot be shutdown such as was Parlour. We help you get a domain name and setup your private email server. You get 5 free email licenses, after this each license is $50/each. Libre Office is installed for free. We will help you get a domain name, and configure your webmail, and basic configurations of chat, file management, and content management. Additional work is charged by hourly rates per your request. There are limitations to storage, bandwidth expectations, and some applications require additional licenses, but these are not the norm. There are literally dozens of free applications for your convenience. If you only need spreadsheets we can help you create and organize these for an hourly rate. We do the best we can to hold down costs, but nothing good is the grace of God.


We have over 30 years of security experience in both public and private enterprise environments. Our servers are protected by state of the art firewalls, updated continuously with software from cybersecruity companies specializing in controlling emerging threats to servers worldwide. We ensure the physical security, provide a firewall, and help you manage your server. This is a convenient way to get your campaign running quickly, all on one secure place. Everything is located within the United States, built by American citizens. You do not share any hardware. You purchase your own hardware applicance as a miniature server attached to a LAN at our location. We host it for you, configure it to be as secure as possible, and turn it over to you to manage your own content. We are available for training, additional application development, and problems as they occur. The entire idea is to provide the candidate with a safe haven against the risk of being shutdown by political intrique, in violation of your 1st, 3rd, and 4th amendment be secure in your papers and personal information. To this end, we offer this solution for those who understand the risks of cancellation and censureship. We do not quarantee 100% security...this is impossible.


The process starts when you contact us after reviewing examples, and reading about 'Election Box'. Election Box is highly configurable for storage, webpages, content management, folder structures, file management, chat configuration, the size of your team, email accounts, etc. We require a written description of the services you desire at a high level, and we will work with you to provide the server size and speed you need. We use Linux servers and a Maria database. Although we have standard applications developed, some customization is needed per your requirements. We do not suggest that you use this server to host large video files, or as a Plex type server. Links to Youtube, Vimeo, or other services that host and render video is the best solution. Our webpages are built in pure PHP and Javascript...not Wordpress or Joomla. We do this so that the content management process is efficient, easy to configure, and maintain. Most importantly we do this for secuity reasons, avoiding many of the current threat vectors in the process. We offer programming services, database design, and modern php serverside scripting. There is no sacrifice to quality necessary to be secure and efficient.