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One of the best tools for team communications is a live chat session. Apps on your PC or phone are easily installed. They enable a team to stay in touch 24/7. You can share files, video, or simple text messages. Quickly share files from the local file storage to team members with one click. The data stream is encrypted to maximize security and privacy for sensitive information. Create one-on-one channels, group channels, or public team channels as needed. Chat is the very best tool for team communications and file sharing.


A Linux Server with a GUI control Panel? Yes, it is true. You get the security and speed of the Linux Server with a GUI! All tasks necessary to manage your server are available with minimum learning curves. These apps have been designed for ease of use. There are help well written help instructions available on all topics of the server's functionality. We setup the basic functionality for you, and will help you manage the rest as needed. Our service is designed around the user being able to manage most of the functionality after initial setup. However, we can totally manage your server for you for a fee if necessary, or help you as needed. We will advise you on cybersecurity best practices, in addition to providing for free a state of the art firewall.


All teams generate documents. From .PDF to .MPEG4 video files...file management is always a strategic issue among teams. The Linux OS file managment application is easy to use and understand. Admin can control the entire process of storing and sharing files among the team. For 'need to know' information, "groups" are created. Each group can have unique 'Users' for privacy. A 'User' can belong to 'one' or 'many' groups. Files can be 'overwritten' or 'preserved' as written...the choice is yours. Our smallest server offers 3TB of storage, more than enough for most projects. More storage can be added during the upfront configuration discussions. We setup each server in a RAID5 configuration so that if a disc fails, the information is preserved. We offer backup services for an additional fee. You can also request whole disk encryption for additional security. Your server is connected to a battery backup system as part of the purchase price. It also sits behind a professional firewall applicance.


We use "MailPlus" which is designed for Linux Servers. With the original price, you get 5 email licenses for your core team. Additional licenses can be purchased as perpetual licenses for $50.00/each. Packages can be purchased from various resellers such as Amazon in packages from 5-200. We will install additional purchased packages or purchase and install them for you. Let's be is an important tool for team communcations. It is important to have it as secure as possible. We will help you do that, and setup your devices with you appropriately with you. Beyond the initial 5-free licenses, setting up clients and supporting them will have to be for a small fee. Email is traditionally a high maintenance application, and if not performed correctly, can lead to cybersecurity issues. Doing it correctly upfront is important. For a fee we can safely migrate your emails and folder structure your private Linux server.


A database application is very important for content managment, be it for public facing webpages, or team related information to keep a project properly organized. We use Maria10 for this purpose. It does not require additional licensing, but is a tested and secure application. With it, you can have powerful information reports using any data important to you. We provide a basic content management system. Our expertise is in database design and open source application development. Development projects are welcomed, and we will do our very best to keep them affordable, secure, and efficient. Maria10 can be managed from a GUI console, no need for command line expertise.


If you have your state's voter registration database information, we can design a working well designed database to help you use this information. We have experience in obtaining contracts with 3rd-Party Notice of change of Address or NCOA to help scrub the database if needed. For a fee plus NCOA expenses to obtain comparative data we will work with you to properly utilize this information.


Informaton and content management needs to be properly modeled to take advantage of accumulated data from your sources. We have 25 years of modeling experience with analytics to maximize strategic tactics. We provide database modeling expertise so your reports and information presentations can be properly represented.


Informaton and content management is important, but why? Analysis of data turns it into information that is strategically useful to businesses and politcal campaigns. Let us help you capture the data you need and turn it into strategically useful information. This is our core experience, and we would like you to benefit from our experience. We will work with you to define your goals and design the database so that you are provided the information as needed. This is not as expensive as one may imagine. If you have the 'data' the 'information' is usually available.


Monitoring your Linux Server is a snap. A console is provided for you to monitor every important stat to keep your server tuned up for maximum efficiency. From CPU, Disk, Volume stats, you have the information at your fingertips.